General Election 2019

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East Worthing and Shoreham candidate Leslie Groves Williams

We are delighted to announce that Leslie Groves Williams is your Green Party parliamentary candidate.

Leslie Groves Williams photo


"As a Shoreham resident and parent, I love running my own business and volunteering in our local criminal justice and education sectors. I believe it’s time for change! Lots more people are voting Green, realising that we must act (not just speak) on the climate emergency, to heal our divided communities and give our children a future worth having. I will work incredibly hard to find things we have in common through listening - knowing passionately we can find solutions that work for each of us.

Vote Green. For our Future."

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What am I standing for?

  1. Taking the radical action that our planet needs to see from human beings and that human beings need to see if they want to continue enjoying being on this planet.
  2. A people's vote on the terms of any Brexit proposal, based on an honest assessment of the implications and not false promises and outright lies and
  3. Fighting for a fairer Britain for all. Including for those not represented by big business or trade unions.

The next 10 years will be the most important time there’s ever been to tackle the climate crisis with the speed and scope which the science demands.


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