Adur Greens March For People's Vote on Final Brexit Deal

22 October 2018

Adur Green Party members join 700,000 others, marching in central London in support of the People's Vote campaign on Saturday 20th October 2018.

Green Party See Southlands Result As Basis for Growth

13 October 2018

Green Party Response to the Southlands By-Election Result

Andrew Bradbury - prospective Green Party candidate in the Southlands by-election in Adur

Adur Greens Select Andrew Bradbury to Win in Southlands

10 September 2018

A report on the selection of Andrew Bradbury as prospective Green candidate for the Southlands by-election.

People's Vote March

The People are Now the Opposition to Theresa May's Brexit

26 June 2018

Report on our involvement in the People's Vote March in Central London on Saturday 23rd June 2018.

Report on Ramion information evening

Wind Farm Generates Clean Electricity and Local Goodwill

13 June 2018

A report on the Information Meeting held by the Rampion Wind Farm operators on 12th June 2018, attended by Green Party members.

Shoreham Academy

Greens Share Concerns on School Places - and Where Were the County Councillors?

08 June 2018

A report on our attendance at a Public Meeting, hosted by the Future Adur Schools Team, focusing on the shortfall in Secondary School places predicted for September 2019 and beyond.

Adur District Council Annual Meeting 17 May 2018

Greens Support Adur Council Chair's Plea for Greater Public Engagement

18 May 2018

A report on our attendance at the Adur District Council Annual Meeting, 17 May 2018, following the May Council Elections.

Shoreham Port Authority Public Meeting

Greens Impressed by Shoreham Port Presentation - But What Will Brexit Mean?

16 May 2018

Report on the Shoreham Port Annual Public Meeting 2018

Ikea Protest 12 May 18

Greens Take Part in IKEA Protest

14 May 2018

News of our involvement in the AREA No-IKEA PROTEST on 12th May 2018.

Adur Green Party

A Perfect Time to Join the Adur Green Party

07 May 2018

A call for Adur residents to join the Green Party in the wake of the Adur Election Results and the start of the campaign for 2020.

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