Adur Greens Announce Policies on Small Businesses, 5% Pollution Cuts and Bike Share Scheme

28 April 2018

As part of our campaign in the run up to Adur Council Election Day on 3rd May, Adur Green Party is announcing three new policies that would have a major impact on the local area.

We are proposing -
• A dedicated councillor to pursue the interest of local small businesses.
• A Council commitment to cut pollution by at least 5% year-on-year.
• An extension of the Brighton & Hove Bicycle Share scheme into Adur.

Firstly, we propose that a dedicated councillor should be appointed to focus on the opportunities & challenges facing small businesses in the Adur area. Their brief would enable them to work - with elected members and council officers - to support and nurture small business ventures. Successful small businesses are essential to any thriving local community and Greens see them as central to local economic sustainability.

Secondly, we propose that Government Clean Growth Strategy target for a minimum of 5% year-on-year reduction in air pollution should be formally adopted by the Council. Pollution levels must be recorded, regularly reviewed and results published as part of this commitment. Green councillors will promote policies to meet this target, such as an infrastructure plan for cycling and walking, a review of parking arrangements and improved public transport.

Brighton Bike Share hubThirdly, the Green Party is proposing an extension of the current Brighton & Hove Bike Share scheme into the Adur area. We strongly believe that this is an entirely feasible proposition. The scheme already extends along a corridor as far as Southwick station and the bicycle collection & maintenance operation is run from within the Adur District in Southwick. The Green Party would commit to open negotiations with the scheme operators, seek capital funding from dedicated sources (eg. Coast to Capital) and extend the scheme throughout the Adur area. This would enable commuters, students, individuals and families to use the bicycles from Sompting & Lancing right through to Brighton.

Andrew Bradbury, Green Party Chair & Marine Ward candidate, says “we believe that these are practical & realistic policies which set out the Green approach to growing a strong, resourceful, healthy and vibrant local community. Every vote for a Green candidate will be a vote for this approach and these policies.”

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