Adur Greens Take Encouragement from Election Campaign

5 May 2018

Adur Green Party take a number of positives from the Adur Council Election campaign, as we reflect on Friday’s results.

Green Party candidates took third place in six wards, most prominently in Shoreham and Southwick areas.

“We want to thank the people who voted for us,” says Green Party Chair, Andrew Bradbury. “This shows that people are increasingly recognising us as a viable choice in local elections and provides a base upon which we can build to 2020 and beyond.

The Green Party is also encouraged by support, received from residents & voters during the campaign, for our policies. Apart from the ‘no-brainer’ that if you are to reduce harmful pollution you have to have targets for reduction; these also include a dedicated councillor with a brief to work with local small businesses and a proposed extension of the current Brighton & Hove Bike Share Scheme throughout Adur. We have not mentioned the EU during the local campaign but the looming disaster of Brexit has frequently been mentioned by supporters and non-aligned electors alike on the doorstep.

“We will continue to argue and campaign for our policies because we believe them to be both right and popular”, says Andrew Bradbury “and we will continue to provide a voice for those who voted for us. If we aren’t yet able to be an opposition party within the chamber, we shall still play an active and passionate role from outside the chamber and in public question time. Sustainability does not seem to have entered the mindset of the Conservative group, but by its nature it is not going away. ”

And the Adur Green Party continue to see today’s results as further evidence for our ongoing call for a more representative voting system throughout local & national politics. Whilst polling an average 7% of the vote in 10 wards , the Green Party and our voters are left with no representation at all within council decision-making structures. The same percentage of first choice votes under a more proportional voting system would give us at least 2 seats.

“Once again,” says Andrew Bradbury, “we see a voting system which disenfranchises a sizeable section of our community and denies them any say in the decisions which impact on them or the fresh thinking which we can bring.”

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