Adur Greens Select Andrew Bradbury to Win in Southlands

10 September 2018

Andrew Bradbury - prospective Green Party candidate in the Southlands by-election in AdurAdur Greens have chosen Andrew Bradbury as the prospective Green Party candidate for the forthcoming by-election in the Southlands ward of Adur District Council.
Although an exact date has yet to be fixed, the Southlands by-election has been prompted by the resignation of one of the current Southlands councillors, Paul Graysmark.
Adur Greens moved quickly to unanimously select Andrew Bradbury, the local party Chair, as prospective candidate for a ward the party believes it can win.
"This ward has proven to be independently-minded and changeable over recent elections," explains Andrew Bradbury, "and we firmly believe this is a community that could elect a Green councillor, as a fresh challenge to both the Conservative and Labour groups".
Andrew Bradbury is a local person, who understands the issues and problems facing residents in the Shoreham and Southwick area and who has many years' experience in public service. His promise is to be an active, engaged and committed local councillor.
"Green Councillors up and down the country are getting things done for their community," said Andrew. "Demanding pollution control, lobbying for proper pedestrian and cycle paths and supporting job creation in local business."
"The voting results in Adur show that a high proportion of people share our values and I believe that a Southlands by-election will mark a turning point, with voters supporting the environment and community-based representation which we promise."
If you would like to help the Green Party campaign in Southlands, please email

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